DRVN Concepts’ founder, Nick Renner, always dreamed about creating a vehicle that embodied the raw and engaging experience of riding a superbike, but in supercar form. On November 19th, with the help of the ADM Works team, he realized that goal. 

The stripped-down vehicle has its prototype body test-fitted.
An unrestricted view at the raw mechanics behind the Monterossa project.

Enter the Monterossa—a Frankenstein project combining supercar internals with superbike aesthetics. It’s the merging of motorsport; a solution for those that want the best of both worlds. 

Beginning its life as a second-generation Lamborghini Gallardo down on its luck, the supercar was quickly given a new lease on life. Stripped down to bare metal with the Italian V10 exposed, the transformation began. Utilizing concept sketches from Nick and his team, our own team set about turning the vision into reality. All carbon-to-be components were created in CAD, and then produced as small-scale 3D-printed parts. Refined through surface modeling processes in CATIA, the panels were then properly manufactured, and molds to lay the raw carbon fiber components were created. After many months, the Monterossa emerged from the ashes, a masterpiece of automotive engineering. Six-hundred pounds lighter, with a revised weight distribution of 47/53, all-carbon exterior, and a robust 4.8 lbs/hp power-to-weight ratio, the 600 horsepower monster’s newfound agility and nimbleness makes it a formidable opponent for its production-car competitors. The weight reduction coupled with the open-cockpit produces a nostalgic experience reminiscent of summer days spent at the go-kart track. 

As automotive and motorsport enthusiasts ourselves, being able to work with not only other industry visionaries but also being around great projects like this on a daily basis is what keeps us invested in this ever-changing industry. We are very proud to have been able to work so closely with DRVN and look forward to more exciting projects in the future!