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ADM Works is like a large family. Many of our employees have been here since our founding, we even employ multiple generations from families of some of our team members.

Javier Valdivieso

In March of 2003 I started ADM Works, and I commenced building my dream with a small team to support the clients that followed me. Now I had great clients, tremendous experience, reputation, and knowledge in the digital manufacturing industry to support the companies that believed in me and my team.

My responsibility is to bring the sales and technical support to the facility. I’m passionate about my job and I will be working tirelessly for the rest of my life because I have love for what we do here at ADM Works.

I have learned that if you work on something that you have passion for, you will never work a day in your life.

I can’t chase my dreams alone, so luckily, I have tremendous support from my wife, family, and team.

Jimmy G

Vice President

Cris Radulescu

Chief Engineer

Vikki G

Finance and Office Manager

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