Story about the project

In 2021, ADM Works was contacted by international contemporary artist Gisela Colon to help breathe life into a recent concept of hers created with her signature Organic Minimalism motif. The result was a beautiful color-shifting sculpture produced with aerospace materials that was debuted at Art D’Égypte’s 2021 show hosted at the cultural mecca that is Cairo, Egypt.


Gisela Colon


Fine Arts

October 2021 Art D’Égypte “Forever is Now” 

Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt

Design & Engineering

The Exhibition

Gisela Colon’s “Eternity Now” piece was exhibited for the first time in October 2021, where it was transported all the way to Cairo, Egypt in order to be put on display at Art D’Egypte’s “Forever is Now” fine art exhibition and cultural celebration.

On Display

After making it all the way to Egypt, Colon’s sculpture was then unpacked, prepped, and staged for the show where it was able to be appreciated by fellow international artists and admired against Egypt’s ancient architecture.