uber helicopter

Story about the project

For the 2019 Uber Elevate Summit, ADM Works was awarded the construction of Cabin for Use in Future Air Taxis award. The concept was created to provide a template for flight-worthy interior designs for future eVTOL makers.  At the conference, everybody had a chance to climb on board to see and feel first hand what eVTOL travel has to offer.


Safran and Uber Technologies, Inc.

Year: 2019



ADM Works began the project with CAD models of all the tooling, fixture, and internal structural elements. After verifying the validity and safety of these designs through computer-aided engineering practices, fabrication planning was allowed to begin.

Design & Tooling

Shown above: a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tooling and fabrication process of the molds for the “Future Air Taxi Cabin” project.


The team machined and manufactured molds for the fuselage, doors, wings, interior panels, and glass.  Once all of the outer components were laid up, the structural components were then embedded and the entire structure was assembled. Hinges and doors were mounted, and small adjustments were made to certify the desired tolerances between gaps. The helicopter then had its interior components dry fit, which were later removed in order to paint the fuselage, wings, and interior.

Paint & Assembly


After assembly and transport, the finished helicopter, shown below, was put on display at Uber’s third annual Uber Elevate Summit in Washington, DC where it sparked insightful conversation amongst the conference’s leading industry visionaries.